6.25.13 BIG NEWS!! "Song for the Veggies" to be adapted into children's book!!

Thrilled beyond thrilled to announce that I am working on a children's book adaption of my "Song for the Veggies" with the very talented artist Kay Guyer!! The seeds were scattered by several friends & fans almost 5 years ago and although its taken a few years, those seeds have vigorously germinated and Kay & I are committed to water, weed, and sing to our lovely seedling of a project with care & intention all the way through to harvest.

We are brainstorming many exciting ways to share this project & our love for veggies, the earth, and community with the world...hopefully in an engaging, beautiful, and imaginative way! But first, we are exploring printing & publishing options. Neither of us have done this before so we humbly ask for any advice, suggestions, brainstorms from our community. Many thanks & stay tuned for updates on the project in coming months! In the meantime check out a few of the illustrations from the upcoming book...


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