6.19.16 Father's Day single from Friends with the Weather: Ezra's Song 

Today, on Father's Day, I celebrate some of my favorite fathers.   Seth Hendricks. David Hupp. Brennan Andes. Seth Bernard. Jim Roll. 6 of the 7 key collaborators of this new, Friends with the Weather project are fathers. In the midst of these troubled times where men so often seem to be forces of violence, hate, and misogyny, these men have inspired me deeply to seek another way. These are fathers who nurture, who play, who engage. Who have strong loving arms to comfort & when it's time, set their babies free. These are fathers who teach their sons the meaning & power of consent. These are fathers who support their daughters in discovering their own power, with unconditional & present love. These are fathers who model what it means to be a community builder of hope on behalf of the disenfranchised, the earth, and the next generations. And collaborator #7? Julian Allen, the youngest of our crew, is already nurturing the next generation of young folks in a beautiful way, another lovely embodiment of masculinity that seals this team's chemistry. 

On this Father's Day, we are releasing our second song, "Ezra's Song." The song is a blessing from a father to a child. Today, it is also our blessing and celebration of all of the fathers & men out there bringing the soulful, gentle, nurturing, loving, creating energies into this world. These papas are going to keep on making the music, dreaming the dreams, nurturing the next generations, and lifting up the hope that we can be a part of creating something beautiful.

6.1.16 Friends with the Weather: New single, Earthwork Music, "My Family!" 

It's been an exciting few days for all involved with the new project Friends with the Weather!

Yesterday, after 6 months of hard work & years of writing & envisioning, my new project Friends with the Weather dropped our first single, "It Gets Better," today. After that journey it feels so good to share some of this music with the world! Listen to it here: 

Yesterday the project was also officially  welcomed into the Earthwork Music Collective. I'm thrilled and honored to be a part of this inspiring group of musicians, educators, and activists who have been a part of my daily soundtrack for years. If you know Earthwork then you know why I'm so excited. If you don't, I highly encourage you to spend some time getting to know this roster of talented & visionary musicians. Read the official Earthwork welcome HERE.

And today...

As brandnew members of the Earthwork Music Collective we're thrilled to get the chance to participate in this sweet compilation project "Earthwork Covers Earthwork." Here's our take on our good friend, collaborator & Earthwork founder Seth Bernard's great tune "My Family." Visit the BLOG for a glimpse at the story of why we chose the song, to see an accompanying original painting by the talented Michigan artist Michael Anne Erlewine, and to see the live video of the recording of the song featuring some very special guests!! 


Download the single or pre-order the entire Earthwork Covers Earthwork album by following the Bandcamp link.

This song was filmed and recorded at Johnny's Speakeasy in Ann Arbor, MI as part of a live acoustic session. The remaining songs from this session will be released as a companion piece to our debut album set to release on September 16, 2016.

12.22.15 NEW project: Friends with the Weather!! 

I've been hunkered down with these 5 powerful beings these last 2 days...my longtime co-writer/bandmate/collaborator Seth Hendricks, my Mutual Kumquat bandmate David Hupp, my Sweet Insurrection bandmates Brennan Andes & Julian Allen, and longtime friend and Earthwork Music mastermind Seth Bernard. A deeply moving experience & cosmic solstice coincidence to dig into building a new project together amidst the darkest day of the year and today's returning of the light. Feeling a whole lot of joy, love, gratitude and anticipation amidst an apparent no smiles picture policy. Introducing Friends with the Weather...debut album coming in 2016!! Much more exciting news & updates on this project on the near horizon.

3.27.15 "Beautiful" music video now online!! 

¡¡¡¡My brand new music video for "Beautiful" now online!!!! 

To all my lovely friends & family...you are beautiful! To all my bandmates & fellow musicians giving of their souls & sparking inspiration on the daily...YOU are beautiful! To all those activists working tirelessly, selflessly, passionately for a better world...you ARE beautiful. To those feeling low, depressed, lonely, discouraged amidst bullying, prejudice, hate...you are BEAUTIFUL! To my super talented & generous collaborators Dave, Grace, Chelsea...you are BeAuTiFuL! To the 2 loves of my life Heidi & Lucille...BEAUTIFUL hardly touches it! Shout it in the mirror. Say it to your neighbor. Preach it to your community. I am beautiful. You are beautiful. We are beautiful.

3.12.15 "Beautiful" music video premiere at S.C.O.T.U.S. or Bust Event! 

Put it in rainbow glittered PEN on your Springtime calendars! So excited to be premiering my new music video for "Beautiful (The Pink Fingernail Song)" at this event on 3/27. The Sweet Insurrection band has never sounded better. Grace Rother and Chelsea Jordan's art/animation never more beautiful. Dave Schall Acoustic's video/audio/editing genius never more on point. And most importantly, there's never been a better time to have a fabulous time while we stand up & raise some $$ as a community...as we persist in this struggle for equality!

2.7.15 Baby Bliss 

Been a super sweet few weeks getting to know this little one...Lucille Wilder Good Beck, born 1/24/15. I know it's way to early to tell her musical tastes but I think there are some very promising signs...she jammed out (opened her eyes...wide) to Missy's halftime performance, seemed to enjoy my all day Bob Marley birthday serenade, and appears to enjoy Pete Seeger lullabies. I'm reluctant but excited to emerge from this precious bubble in coming weeks with a new music video, some exciting Chris Good gigs, and a busy Mutual Kumquat spring (videos, new album, tour). Stay tuned!! 

12.27.14 "For the Ancestors" music video release 

Six years ago yesterday my dear Aunt Louie & Uncle Phil died in a car accident on the way to our family Christmas gathering. In a moment, an irreplaceable hole was ripped into the fabric of our family. For me, it was by far the closest and most intimately touched by death and grief that I had ever been. In the midst of the incredible intensity and waves of grief and emotion in those first days I only later realized the vast community of people that I had joined who have travelled on their own grief journeys.

In my own grief, I knew in those first days that a new song was rising inside of me. It is a song rooted in gratitude, in love, in life…remembering those who have come before…celebrating with humility how their lives live on in each of us…and together in our own families and communities, love carries on. For me, writing the song was an important piece of my own grief journey remembering my aunt and uncle. What I didn't realize when I wrote the song was what a powerful experience it would be to share the song with others. I have been so overwhelmed with the privilege of hearing so many of your own stories of grief, and love, and gratitude for your own ancestors. I feel like our culture struggles with its relationship with death and how we honor our ancestors. I hope this song (and video) continue to be an invitation for all of us to remember with humility, gratitude, and celebration the lives of those who have come before…and how those spirits live on in each of us.

So many thanks to the many, many people who contributed to this project. What a tremendous honor to be an artist amidst such tremendous community. You all inspire me so deeply. Special thanks to my dear cousins Ken and Kate Miller Rieman, Cheri Rieman, and Tina Rieman; my beautiful soul brother bandmates for this performance Seth Hendricks, Nome McBride, and Justin Peterson; my incredibly talented studio band Brennan Andes, Griffin Bastian, Jesse Clayton, Randall Moore, Jacob Jolliff, and Michael Anne Erlewine; and my wonderful video collaborator Chris Stover-Brown. I love you all so much.

11.13.14 Dear Michigan 

Dear Michigan,

Despite your baffling electorate, discouraging politricks, and stubborn continuation of prejudicial laws, I can't help falling more in love with you every day.

In the days since walking out of the voter's booth last week I have visited your wineries, your brewpubs, your eateries graced by visionary chefs & winemakers & brewmasters who work in harmony with farmers caring for the earth while bringing tastes alive with passion & creativity.

I have walked your awesome and breathtaking shores, woods & fields, filled with wonder & urgent responsibility to care for this water & earth so abundant yet so fragile.

I have heard your songsters, jazz and folk and pop and genre defying alike, speaking voices of ancestral and timeless richness, prophetic challenge, gritty humor, fearless shredding, and ear candy worthy of every soundtrack.

I have fallen again and again for your people. The communities where 2 or 3 or 3,000 gather to be all embracing of LOVE, of science, of spirit, of passion, of gratitude, of culture, of humility, of justice, of dignity, remembering and learning from our history as we envision and build our future.

Thank you, friends, from the depths of my being. YOU know who you are. Keep doing what you do. Thanks for reminding me of what is at stake and showing me how beautiful this life can be. You inspire me to do what I do and to do it fearlessly and lovely and strong.